A、Breakfast is included. No Service Fee. (NOT applicable for accommodation using hotel vouchers or bookings through oline booking websites)

B、Definition of Weekday, Weekend and Peak Day:
  • Weekday:Sunday to Friday.
  • Weekend:Saturday, Public Holiday and the night before Public Holiday and 31st December.
  • Peak Day:The Night before Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival and Chinese New Year Holiday.
C、Membership Definition
  • Members :
  1. In service teachers and staffs of public elementary school, junior and senior high school and and accompanying immediate family members.
  2. Retired teachers and staff of public elementary school, junior and senior high school.( Discount only for one room)
  • Affiliates:
  1. In service college or university teachers and staffs.
  2. In school student of college or university.
  3. In service government employee.
  4. Employee of private Kindergarden.
  • Regular:Regular guests
  • Above discounts NOT applicable for accommodation using hotel vouchers, bookings through oline booking websites or travel agency.
  • Definition of Accompanying Immediate family members:
         Parents or children who already have ID card check in with a Member. ID cards of both parties must be produced for verification.   
         Maximum two (2) rooms, room type unrestricted.
 ※ Above discount must show the verification onsite.
D、Room Reservations Must-Know
  1. Deposit:
  • Deposit need to be paid within three days after reservation. You can either remit or transfer via ATM to our account. Please call or e-mail us to inform us the last five digits of your account number and name in order to complete your reservation.
  • Bank Code 700(Chunghwa Post) Account Number 0401388-0056053 Account Name 日月潭教師會館范靜玟
  • Room floor will be arranged by the order of your reservation. Requests for specific floors will not be entertained.
  1. Cancellation Regulations:(According to the regulations of the Tourism Bureau)​
  • Cancellation on day of check-in : 100% of deposit forfeited.
  • Cancellation 1 day prior to check in : 80% of deposit forfeited.
  • Cancellation 2-3 days prior to check in: 80% of deposit forfeited.
  • Cancellation 4-6 days prior to check in: 60% of deposit forfeited.
  • Cancellation 7-9 days prior to check in: 50% of deposit forfeited.
  • Cancellation 10-13 days prior to check in: 30% of deposit forfeited.
  • Cancellation 14 days (inclusive) prior to check in: 0% of deposit forfeited.
  • Return of deposit via remittance will cost NT$30 remittance fee which be paid by your side.
  1. Reschedule reservation:
  • Please inform hotel 7 days before your check in date. The extension is limited to stay within six months. If your reschedule the reservation, the hotel do not accept requests for refunds.
  • If any natural disaster happens, such as earthquake or typhoon(according to the anouncement of local government ), postpone or cancel your reservation is acceptable. The extension is limited to stay within six months.

E、Check-In Information:
  • Check-in time is 3:00PM. Check-out time is 11:00AM. For late check out, it would be charge NTD600 per hour.
  • 來賓請出示身分證、護照…等身分證明文件到本館迎賓樓接待中心辦理登記入住。
  • 具優惠身分之會員、有關人員請現場出示服務機關、學校相關證件,如識別證、服務證或學生證等,恕不接受事後補證。
  • 具優惠身分之隨行直系親屬,請攜帶可證明身分之證件,最多限優惠2間。
  • 房間依房型規定人數入住,未滿6歲(119公分以下)不占床限一位孩童可免費入住。
  • 如需加人服務加一床 1000元含早餐及備品 , 加一舖600元含早餐及備品,迎賓樓和涵曦樓特殊房型才提供此服務,請先來電預定床位,數量有限。
  • 為維護住宿安寧與品質,公共區域(如休閒中心、桌球撞球區及各個露臺等)僅開放至晚間22:00止。
  • 本館嚴禁攜帶寵物入內,室內場所全面禁菸。

  • 迎賓接待服務:24小時接待櫃檯、行李寄存、旅遊諮詢台。
  • 網路服務:客房提供免費無線wifi。
  • 交通服務:代叫計程車。
  • 房間內提供用品:包含牙刷、浴巾、毛巾、洗髮乳、沐浴乳、肥皂、浴帽、梳子、刮鬍刀、紙拖鞋、瓶裝礦泉水、茶包及咖啡包等。
  • 空調設備:只提供冷氣,無暖氣或電暖氣。
  • 停車服務:館區內約80個車位停滿為止;中興收費停車場40元/每小時(自行付費)。
  • 餐飲服務:桃李緣餐廳宴席、單點、合菜或套餐。

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